Things about Los Angeles I’ve learned in the first month

Los Angeles, Personal
  • Everyone is honking whenever possible
  • The Pacific is cold
  • Mexicans everywhere
  • Don’t sleep at the beach (or you’ll get sunburned)
  • You need (good) credit history for everything
  • For building credit history you need to have credit history.
  • Pumpkin flavoured beer tastes like s***
  • Don’t park at a street during street cleaning
  • Everyone speaks at least one or two words German (“Guten Morgen” during sunset)
  • The city is huge
  • IKEA is the very same as in Germany (even the missing screws in a package)
  • Waze is the most helpful GPS app in Los Angeles traffic
  • Jack in the Box was the worst fast food decision so far
  • Big Deans “Muscle In” Cafe is still as good as 2 years ago
  • It’s easy to find wheat beer but hard to find the right glasses for it
  • Gas is really cheap
  • Bureaucracy is worse than in Germany
  • Never live near a rail road crossing (it’s law for them to use their horn multiple times while crossing – sleeping impossible)
  • Bottom of the front bumper scratching the street is pretty normal
  • Starbucks is at every corner
  • There can be a difference of >$1.50 per gallon gas just around the corner
  • It can rain in Los Angeles (~3hours in the last month)
  • California Drivers Licence is (way too) easy to get
  • There seem to be no mail boxes
  • You don’t have door bells (guests and delivery services have to call you)

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